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FIC: When the Angelus is away... (William/Darla, Adults Only)

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
E-MAILS: Salustra: ; Cathelin: .
TITLE: When the Angelus is away...
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: William/ Darla
SUMMARY: Darla decides to play with Angelus’ new toy.
Done for the first-time ficathon for darker_spike .
DISTRIBUTION: Various lists and LJ communities and Wierd Romance RP- BtVS/Ats RP Anyplace else is fine, just let us know where it is going.
SPOILERS: Through Season 4 BtVS.
WARNINGS: Het sex, bloodplay.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 3445 Words.

William was a little nervous. There had been loud shouting between his Sire and grandsire, and things thrown, and he had stormed out. Drusilla was away for the evening as well, leaving just him and his grandsire alone in the house. He was tempted to leave as well, but...Angelus had told him he wasn't to go out alone yet.

Seething Darla slams out of the sitting room and up the stairs nearly barreling into the fledge hovering on the landing.

William moves to catch Darla before she can take a spill, then quickly drops his hands. "Sorry, grandsire... I...I should have been paying attention."

About to make a scathing reply Darla freezes as an idea comes to her. She's absolutely furious with Angelus, and what better way to get back at him than to play a little with his new darling?
She smiles kindly, "Do not fret William. It is nothing."

William looks up, grateful for her understanding. He's been more than a little intimidated by her, and now she's being so nice. "Thank you, grandsire."

Smoothing down her bodice and skirt, she inclines her head. "We have not seen much of each other as yet have we?" She shakes her head mournfully, "Such a shame we have not had time to bond yet."

William ducks his eyes shyly, almost blushing. "No, grandsire, we haven't." He notices her shapely figure as she smoothes her dress.

"Perhaps we should take the opportunity to get to know each other a little better." She smiles sweetly, reaching up to brush a speck of lint from his lapel.

"I'd like that, grandsire." He's all too aware of her intoxicating scent as she moves a little closer, and he shivers. His experience with sex is still rather limited, though he has skills that seem to be supplied by his demon. A few brief encounters with Drusilla, and of course Angelus' thorough attentions, are all he has had.

"Good." Darla nods with a satisfied smile. "Come then." She takes his arm and leads him towards the chambers she shares with Angelus. "We can make ourselves comfortable in front of the fire."

William lets himself be led, though he's nervous about going into her chambers. "Yes, grandsire." He can smell the scents of sex between Darla and Angelus as they enter the room, and it makes him harden almost reflexively.

Darla scowls momentarily at the scent of her childe in the room - the great Irish lout. Loosing William's arm, she walks across to the couch that sits before the fireplace, her hips swaying as she moves.

William watches her graceful, seductive movements. He can't help but be fascinated by her. He walks over and sinks onto the floor in front of her, on his knees.

Stroking her hand over his head, Darla threads her fingers through his curls. "You really are a pretty thing aren't you?" She muses.

William presses against her hand with a purr. It rather startled him the first time he purred, but he does it readily now. "Thank you, grandsire. No one ever thought me pretty before I was turned."

"So I've heard." Darla replies with a little moue of disgust for the human's Angelus was ranting about when she returned from the Master's court. "Well, do not worry your head about them, it's not as if their opinion matters."

"Thank you. Especially from someone so beautiful. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." Which was true. Though he adored Drusilla, he had to admit that Darla was strikingly beautiful, radiant, graceful.

Coyly lowering her lashes Darla thanks him. She slides her hand down onto his cheek - her eyes widening as she feels a tingle against her fingertips. 'My my,' she thinks, 'the boy will be a Seducer like me.'

William feels the tingle as she touches him and he looks up at her, swallowing hard. "Grandsire...wh-what was that?"

"It means, William dear, that you’re like me." Realizing how much it will infuriate Angelus that she will be able to give the boy lessons that he cannot, Darla has to fight not to crow with glee. "You're going to be a Seducer."

William's eyes widen. Angelus has taught him about the types of gifts, and he's surprised that this is going to be his. "I am?"

"Oh yes." Darla nods, "You know what that means then?"

"Angelus told me about the Gifts. So...maybe that is why I know so much about sex without being taught?"

Darla nods her agreement, pleased at his realization. "I'll need to start training you how to use your talents. The sooner you start to learn the better." She strokes his cheek again. "You have found that you know things that you did not know before you were turned then?"

William nods, rubbing against her hand like an affectionate kitten. "Yes. I was a virgin when I was turned, but I have discovered I know...things." He blushes.

Eyebrows rising in surprise, Darla says "Oh? I'm very surprised that you were." She schools her face into blandness as she asks. "But, why don't you tell me some of what you've discovered?"

"Well...Sire says..." William blushes harder. "He says I'm a natural-born cocksucker." Demon or not, enough of his human sensibilities still remain that he can be embarrassed. "And I knew how to enter Drusilla, and how to move, and where to touch her to make her moan. I have never even *seen* a woman naked before her."

Enchanted at his blush, Darla smiles, cupping his cheek and running her thumb over his lips. "You hadn't?"

He moans softly at her touch on his lips. "No, grandsire. I was a proper gentleman."

'Not quite so proper,' Darla thinks with an internal smirk, 'You were a virgin after all'. Stroking his plump lower lip once more, she asks, "And what did you think of our Drusilla when you saw her naked?"

"She's so beautiful. Like one of those statues in the museum. But soft." He shivers a bit, remembering touching her.

"Have you seen any other women, while you've been out with your sire?" Darla, asks smiling at his reaction to Drusilla.

"Only clothed. None as beautiful as you."

Smiling graciously, Darla leans forward to kiss him on the forehead, "You are so sweet."

William can feel that slight tingle again, and he shivers. "Thank you grandsire."

Standing she reaches for his hand, "Come, help me out of this dress. It pinches - I shall have to eat the dressmaker."

William takes her hand and rises. "Of course, grandsire." He's really eager to see her figure under the dress, and he's still quite hard in his trousers.

Darla leads him across the room, stopping near the bed. She turns her back to him to let him undo the back of her dress.

His slender fingers work the buttons and laces with no difficulty. He can't help but look at the hints of skin revealed as he undoes the dress.

Once the dress is undone, Darla pulls down the bodice and pushes it over her bustle, letting it drop to the floor and revealing the fact that though she may look like a lady when she's dressed, she most certainly isn't. A fact borne out by the fact that other than her bustle and stockings she had nothing else on beneath her dress.

William gasps as he sees her form revealed, her creamy skin glowing in the firelight. "'re... magnificent. A goddess."

She turns and smiles, untying the bustle and letting it fall on top of the dress. "Thank you William."

His eyes travel over her body again, then back up to meet her eyes. "May I...may I touch you?"

"Not until you are as naked as I."

William shivers and starts removing his own clothing eagerly.

Darla watches appreciatively as his pale form is revealed. "Oh yes, such a pretty boy." She purrs as his trousers hit the floor.

William blushes under her gaze, still shy, especially in front of such a beautiful woman.

Taking a step closer, Darla presses herself against him as she reaches up to stroke his flushed cheek. "How sweet."

William trembles and moans as he feels her soft flesh against his, and he pushes into her hand. He raises a tentative hand to stroke down her side.

"Would you like to show me what you have learnt Sweet William?" Darla murmurs, standing on tiptoes to nuzzle at his neck.

William moans and bares his neck for Darla. "I would, grandsire, so much." His hands move to slide onto her hips.

Slipping away from his touch Darla crawls onto the huge bed, her body moving smoothly, hips rocking as the muscles of her pert bottom and thighs flex.

William pants and watches her, then moves over to the bed himself, climbing onto it and crawling towards her.

Lying down on her side, Darla watches him move towards, taking in his natural grace - able to see just how beautifully he will move once he's been trained. She rubs the palm of her hand over her hips and stomach, smiling coyly.

William kneels next to her, stroking his fingers lightly down her form, feeling her petal-soft skin.

"Would you like to touch me some more William?" Darla whispers, trailing her fingers over his pale thigh.

"Oh, yes, please, grandsire." William's voice is hoarse with desire, and he moans as she touches him.

Rolling onto her back she holds out her arms to him, "Come give me a kiss then sweet boy."

William moves into her arms, letting his body rest lightly on hers as he kisses her. His hard cock is pressing rather urgently against her soft belly as his lips press to her, his tongue flicking out.

Opening her mouth with a moan, Darla lets him kiss her freely. Her legs part to cradle him between them as she slides her hands up his sides and onto his shoulder blades. His skin is incredible soft, soft as any woman's.

William pulls back from the kiss eventually, his blue eyes looking into hers. "You are so exquisite," He murmurs. "I want you so much." Everywhere their skin touches, it's electric velvet.

"What is it you want? To kiss me?" Darla smiles as she asks, leaning up to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth. "Touch me?" She slides her hands down his back onto his firm buttocks. "Feel me against you?" She writhes her body lightly against his. "Or do you want to be inside me? Hmm?"

William groans at her touches and her words. "I want to be inside you, grandsire." He blushes a little, slightly embarrassed at his own forwardness.

Smiling wickedly, Darla licks her lips, "I think you need to earn the chance, don't you?"

"Yes, grandsire," William says, blushing still more. "What do I need to do?"

Darla raises her head again to kiss his flushed cheek, trailing the tip of her tongue over his cheekbone. "You were going to show me what you've learnt?"

William nods, dropping his eyes shyly, and starts licking down her neck. One hand moves to cup and caress her breast, palm rubbing over the nipple. His touches are sure even though he's still blushing and Darla can smell his arousal and nervousness.

Arching her neck, she purrs a little in encouragement.

His mouth continues to move down. He nuzzles between her breasts before moving to lick over her unattended nipple.

One hand brushes along his spine on the way to cup the back of his skull as Darla arches her back. "Good boy, show me what you can do."

William purrs at her encouragement. As skilled and experienced as Darla is, he worries about disappointing her. He silently thanks the skill the demon seems to have come with. He moves his mouth further down, tasting her fragrant skin and dipping in to tease her navel.

Darla squirms as his teasing tickles slightly and she parts her thighs wider. Her hand threads through his hair and tugs lightly. Her free hand has slid up his back as he moves down her body.

He moans at her hand in his hair, taking it as a positive sign, and he moves down further still. He presses the tip of his pink tongue into her slit, running it up and down.

"Oh!" Darla gasps quietly.

William looks up to make sure she is still enjoying this, and pushes in deeper, flicking across the delicate bud he had found made Drusilla moan so prettily.

Darla's eyes flutter shut at his gentle touch - so different to Angelus' rougher attentions. "Good boy." She murmurs again.

He flicks again and again, and then scenting her juices he moves his tongue down and starts pressing it into her. Unbeknownst to him, he has a rather unusually long tongue. A native gift that Drusilla had already found quite pleasant, as had Angelus.

Moaning as he presses his tongue inside, Darla tilts her hips. She gasps with pleasure as his tongue pushes deeper into her than she expected. "Dear gods!" Her hand flexes against his scalp, pressing him closer.

He purrs and moans inside her, wriggling as deeply as he can before starting to thrust his tongue. She tastes different than Drusilla. Drusilla was like pale shy flowers, Darla is more like exotic perfume, like hothouse orchids.

Darla rocks her hips, moaning loudly, "Yess sweet boy. Not only gifted but...oh!" She shudders as he brushes her g-spot.

William feels her shudder and moves back to that spot, pressing it again and again.

She cries out as he does. "YES!" She rocks her hips harder, lifting her legs and holding them apart. "More." She gasps.

His hands move to cup her asscheeks to help support her as he keeps thrusting, alternating between pushing deep into her and curling to hit that spot again and again.

"Oooo, good boy, very good boy." Darla pants, her head pressing into the pillow as she arches her back. Dimly she feels impressed at how quickly he's pushing her towards orgasm.

William purrs harder at the praise, pleased he can manage to pleasure her. He's utterly lost in the sensation and taste of being pressed so deeply into the flower of her sex.

Darla starts to writhe, her hand gripping hard into his curls. He groans, his hands gripping harder on her asscheeks, and he keeps thrusting, harder and faster. He can feel that tingle and hum again between them, like an invisible warmth cascading over his skin and hers, and he can feel her pleasure.

Sensing her grandchilde's fledging aura merging with hers, Darla groans, loosing her control slightly and letting it out to play. Fingers of energy trace gently over the skin of his back and around his body.

He moans and whimpers, feeling those phantom touches, and he shivers hard as he continues to work his tongue. Darla's body arches hard as she comes, crying out her pleasure, her aura pulsing high around them.

William's cock is weeping with his arousal as he drinks in her juices, lapping at her, and his whole body shudders as her invisible power holds him so closely. Collapsing against the bed, Darla pants and whimpers in the aftermath of her climax. As it's not immediately pulled in, her aura continues to tease at William's aroused body.

William slides back up her body and he moans and whimpers. "Grandsire," he whines pleadingly.


His control is not very developed yet and he's perilously close to coming. "Please let me come, grandsire..."

Darla's eyes flutter open as she looks up at him. Taking in his desperate expression she grins. Loosing her knees, she strokes both hands over his twitching stomach.

He shivers hard. "Oh, god, grandsire," he whimpers pitifully.

"Kneel up pretty William." Darla orders huskily. "I want to see how pretty you look when you come."

William gets onto his knees, straddling her body, arching back to rest his hands on the bed.

Sliding her hands up and down his thighs once, Darla smiles and purrs, "Come now boy." He cries out, his whole body shaking and arching as he comes, his cool seed coming out in ropes and landing on Darla's white belly.

Darla purrs harder, "Such a beautiful boy." Her eyes sweep up and down his shivering form, taking it all in.

He pants hard as he lifts his head again to gaze at her. "Thank you, grandsire."

Smiling Darla runs the tip of one delicate finger through the cum on her stomach, bringing it to her mouth to lick clean. "Hmm, you taste sweet."

William blushes again. "Thank you, grandsire." It's silly, of course, to be shy now, but he is.

Reaching out, Darla urges him back into her arms then kissing him passionately. William kisses back just as passionately. He can feel himself hardening again already against her soft curves.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Darla slides her feet up along his legs, tilting her hips and wrapping her legs around his waist.

He groans as he feels her wet sex against him. "Grandsire, please...I need to be inside you."

"How much?" She asks teasingly.

He whimpers. "Please, grandsire, so much, I need you so very much."

"Oooo." She smirks. "You beg so prettily. Did your sire teach you that?"

William nods and ducks his eyes. "Yes grandsire. He likes it when I beg."

"Oh I'm sure he does." Darla says with a conspiritorial smile. She rocks her hips against his.

He moves back against her, the head of his cock teasing along her slit.

Licking her lips with a slow blink, Darla tightens her legs around him, pulling him into her.

William moans as she pulls his hard length into her waiting wetness. "Ohhhhhh, god, grandsire!"

Darla giggles, pleased at his reaction. "Is this what you wanted?"

He nods. "Oh yes, you feel so good." He trembles and rocks deeper into her.

Stroking her palms over his shoulders, Darla lifts her hips, pushing against him until he's seated all the way inside.

He moans, leaning down to kiss her again, and starts moving slowly back and forth inside her.

In response, Darla moans into his mouth as she suckles on his tongue.

William is lost in her again, moving harder and faster.

Darla shudders as he thrusts into her, her arousal matching his as she kisses along his jaw and onto his neck. Their fucking is fast, hard, passionate but far from the rough feral fucking that passes for passion with Angelus.

He whimpers and bares his throat submissively for her as she kisses onto it. Purring with approval, Darla delicately sinks her fangs into his flesh, sipping at the blood that wells in her mouth.

He purr-growls, feeling her take his blood, able to finally touch her demon across the blood bridge. Darla's demon snarls playfully, pushing it's descendant to its metaphorical knees. Her hips rock harder against his as she digs her heels into his arse.

He thrusts harder and faster at her urging, and his demon trembles and whines submission to her much stronger one. The ecstasy of the contact is almost blinding, and it's all he can do not to lose control completely. Pleased at his ready submission, Darla's demon - much like herself - dispenses with the dominance issue and wraps itself around his, purring. Raking her nails down his back, Darla lets go of his throat with a quiet growl.

He hisses in pleasure at the feel of her nails and moves harder and faster still, rocking so he grinds against her clit.

"Oh yess!" Darla hisses, raking her nails along his spine a second time, grinding her hips back against his.

"Oh, god, grandsire, I won't be able to last much longer," He groans.

Her insides start to flutter around his shaft as she groans in response. Bringing one hand to her chest, Darla scratches deeply into the soft flesh of her breast. Her other hand grabs his head and pulls his mouth to the wound. "Drink grandchilde."
He scents her blood and eagerly starts suckling at the wound, tasting her blood. The power, the taste of it is almost overwhelming.
It is as she starts to writhe, the feel of him suckling at her breast driving her over edge, that she sees - over William's shoulder - Angelus standing in the door way to her room, his face like thunder. She meets his eyes.
With a scream, she comes, arching violently, her channel clamping down hard on William's thrusting cock. Her eyes never leave Angelus' gaze as her climax goes on for long moments.

Darla's climax triggers William's. That exquisite feeling of her fluttering and clenching on him sends him over the edge, his cries muffled against her breast as he comes inside her, thrusting and bucking and trembling.

Moaning at the feel of him coming inside her, Darla's body shudders through the last of her release. She wraps her arms around him, holding him to her.

William purrs and curls against her soft body. It's only then that he scents and feels the presence of his Sire and looks over, wide-eyed.

"What the fecking hell is going on here?" Angelus growls, his eyes flashing.

Darla smiles back at him, "Well, you know what they say. When the cat's away..." Her smile turns vicious, "...*tomcatting*..."

William doesn't dare move or speak at the moment. His grandsire and Sire are obviously still fighting, and nothing he can say or do is going to make things any better for him.

Angelus snarls and takes a few angry paces into the room. His eyes move from Darla's taunting gaze to William's fearful ones, and he snarls again at his childe.

William ducks his eyes, but he doesn't move from his place curled against Darla.

She tightens her arms and legs around him protectively and hisses a warning at her approaching childe.

William clutches tighter to Darla. He knows sooner or later Angelus will make his displeasure known, but he'd just as soon it was later.

Holding Angelus' gaze, Darla lowers her head to lick over her puncture wounds on William's pale neck. As he growls and takes a threatening step forward, she asks with icy calm, "Are you threatening me boy?"

Angelus freezes again and shakes his head. "No sire." He forces out through clenched teeth.

William purrs softly as Darla licks his neck. He's never seen his Sire backed down before and it is a new experience.

"Good." Darla says with a tight smile. "Well, as you can see, since you chose not to introduce your youngest childe properly and allow me my right as your sire, I was forced to take matters into my own hands." She flexes her muscles around William's half hard cock, squeezing and massaging him.

William groans at that, shivering against her. His eyes look up at Angelus, his lust quite evident.

Angel flushes angrily at her tone, "Yes sire." Seeing the lust in Spike's eyes, he has to fight back a snarl. "I apologize for my offence sire."

Darla smiles cruelly up and him as she starts to rock her hips beneath her grandchilde's.

William moans and pushes back slightly. He can tell that this is going to be a long night indeed.

"William and I are going a little more." Darla tells Angelus with a smirk.

"Yes sire." Angelus nods, grinding his teeth and reaching for the buttons of his shirt.

William's eyes glitter as he sees Angelus start to undress. He's beginning to learn a little of what it means to be a vampire.

"What do you think you're doing Angelus?" Darla asks with cruel amusement.

Staring stupidly at her, he replies, "Getting undressed."

William can't help a little internal amusement at Darla's tone.

"It seems you misunderstood childe." Darla says with sickening sweetness. "You'll be keeping Drusilla company today." She switches her and William's positions, pressing him to the mattress beneath her.

William moans as Darla rolls him under her, arching against her body.

Angelus splutters as, not two foot away, Darla starts to move on his childe's cock, arching her back and writhing wantonly.

“You may go Angelus." Darla moans.

William ignores his Sire, his attentions all on Darla. He'll pay for it later, but for now all he can feel is Darla's exquisite movements on him, her silken walls holding him,

Snarling with impotent rage, Angelus storms from the room.

Laughing with wicked delight, Darla leans down to kiss William passionately.

William kisses back with equal fervor, as he continues to move in her. He intends to spend the whole night pleasing his lovely and wicked grandsire.

"I'm going to show you such things Sweet William." Darla purrs, "When I've finished, Angelus will be like wax in your hands."

With great pleasure, Darla proceeds to do just that.

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