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today i watched spiderman 2. now everyone's always raving on about tobey maguire and his nice ass. yes, we all know that. but so little attention is given to that lovely, yet rather messed up, harry osborn, played by james franco. if you've seen either movie, you'll know that harry is obsessed with avenging his father's death, for which he blames spiderman. this would likely make him evil. and what better place to talk about him than here, haven of all things evil and sexy?

he's quite good at the troubled, contemplative face.

is it a coincidence that he's at his hottest when he's about to stab spidey? i think not.
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i think we have him somewhere. as far as i can remember, but he is most certainly evil. i love spiderman.
spiderman is my guilty pleasure. it's everything i shouldn't like in a movie, but so goddamn likeable.

i cannot wait to see the third one. i'm thinking a new green goblin? sadly, franco won't get much face time, what with the mask and all.
you too? I love spider man. i want to see it still so bad!! someone has to take me, i'll bribe, sell myself, anything to go see the second one.
ooh, you'll be jealous then, i saw it for free!! ah, the perks of a friend who works at the movie theater!

ps. you really do need to see it. beg and plead. it's really very good. in that terrible cheesy action movie comic book way. it's very fantastic, in the sense of wonderful and the sense of complete fantasy.
oh stop! you're getting me all hot and bothered just thinking about it's wonderfulness. I'm seriously in a spider man rut. i remember after the first one the first thing i said is, " I WANT TO SEE THE SECOND ONE! " and ever since, at nearly every movie, i said i wanted to see the second spider man. I've been waiting..

and jessica (tick_tick) needs to work at the movie theatre.
sorry to rile you up! i'm just excited since i saw it today!!

everyone needs to work at a movie theater.
yes.. yeees!! we can start a massive movie theatre work force, and they can give us free tickets to everything and no one will suspect a thing..

think of the chaos.. it'd be so evil
and so sexy! especially if we took over the pornos, too. and then we showed quality porno instead, and got in free! muah. our plan is genius!
-gasp- the pornos!!! ooh I'm getting chills thinking about the evility behind this. it's genius, it really is.

i also want to pull a wicked fight club on people too, since we'll eventually take over the movie theatre business..

we need to splice porn into g rated movies. we need to.
oh yes. that is a number one prioritie besides pissing in the popcorn butter. no one will ever know, both liquids are yellow and salty!

muahahahaha, that will teach the disney corporation!
OOH! my god and we can totally, totally use cum to marinate the pretzels!!

so gross! no one would ever know! Mwuaha!
bwahahahaha. who knows what'll happen to the soft drinks!
random drugs. like.. spike the coke with coke.
ahahahaha! good plan! heroin in the pepsi, coke in the coke, vodka in the sprite remix (since it already tastes nearly like it!).
we are brilliant!! now, what can we do with the nacho cheese?
snot? spit?
snot would mix better i think, because sometimes you get lumpy cheese.. hmm.. what can we spit in?
a woman after my own heart!
>:) - sinister smile...